John “Jeb” Beckwith
September 19, 2016

John (Jeb) Beckwith

John “Jeb” Beckwith is Managing Director at GreenPoint Global.  As a member of GreenPoint’s management committee and head of its financial intuitions practice, Jeb leads GreenPoint’s efforts to create sustainable, innovative solutions to complex regulatory, legal, cost and technology issues facing global financial institutions around the world.  In the banking sector, Jeb is driving online solutions to the forthcoming implementation challenges facing banks globally under regulation known as FRTB, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book.  In the insurance claims industry, Jeb is leveraging GreenPoint’s litigation, technology and analytics expertise to help clients improve outcomes and variability in their most complex, highest-value motion practice cases.

Jeb brings over 30 years of industry experience to his current positon in the management of risk, capital markets, lending and transaction banking practices.  Prior to GreenPoint, Jeb was Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets for 10+ years where led several businesses as Head of Americas – Global Financial Institutions and as Founder/Chair of the committee adjudicating all global bank and sovereign credit and market risk limits.  Prior to RBC, Jeb held various management and corporate banking positions with increasing levels of responsibility at MUFG, Bank of America and BNY-Mellon.

Jeb is a co-author of a forthcoming book “The Fundamental Review of Trading Book (or FRTB) – Impact and Implementation” to be published by RiskBooks in Summer of 2017.  He holds a BA from Hamilton College and lives in Riverside CT with his wife and son.